What is DRONe

DRONe is a live audio stream. Its core is an infinite musical performance, randomly generated by computer software in real time and based on several predetermined harmonic and rhythmic rules. The core connects to various live audio feeds throughout the world, randomly rotating channels from predetermined selection. DRONe is streaming live since 07.03.2017


DRONe provides an ongoing opprotunity to listen to and interact with soundscape continuously co-created by machines and humans. Without limits imposed by biological bodies machine is able to perform live endlessly and to be present in different places at the same time, while interaction with natural and human made sounds provides fallibility, unpredictability and creative potential which surpasses mechanical flawless perfection. This idea refers to modern psychoanalytic theories of mind, Pauline Oliveros' concept of deep listening and work of creative writers, like J.L. Borges and S. Lem.

Technical specifications

Core runs on Noatikl Music Engine 3 and is broadcasted via Icecast. Accompanying streams are selected from a variety of publicly available sources (Icecast, Broadcastify, Locus Sonus). For technical assistance a carbon-based lifeform operator is used.